Cape Cod Ginger Mango (12 fl oz bottle x 12) case. Free shipping anywhere in Continental U.S., APO, FPO.

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Sparkling, Raw & Organic, made with 100% freshly pressed ginger in every bottle, you get only natural, organic ingredients so that you put the best of nature's bounty into your body.

When we call Cape Cod Ginger "organic" we really mean it. Our fresh, wild ginger comes from only the best sources on Earth. These beautiful plants are then carefully picked, packed and transported to our facilities in Cape Cod Massachusetts.

Each bottle of Cape Cod Ginger: Sparkling, Raw & Organic contains all natural ingredients. Each unique and distinct flavor comes from organic extracts, infused into our original ginger drink- mango, passion fruit, pomegranate, strawberry & pineapple.


 21 Benefits of Ginger as reported by Several “Ginger and/or Organic Fact” web sites

1, General Nutrition 2, Relieves Nausea 3, Treats Cold and Flu 4, Removes Excess Gas 5, Stomach Ulcers 6, Reduce Arthritis Pain 7, Relieves Asthma 8, Liver Protection 9, Mitigates Obesity 10. Prevents Some Cancers 11, Improves Cognition 12, Relieves Muscle Pain 13, Prevents Menstrual Cramps 14, Boosts Heart Health 15, Controls Diabetes 16, Detoxifies the Body 17, Prevents Infection 18, Treats Diarrhea 19, Skin Care 20, Increase Sexual Activity 21, Supports hair growth We have been asked many times what Ginger is good for or helps This List was derived from several online sites regarding to the Benefits of Ginger, Cape Cod Ginger has or takes no responsibility liability, opinion or claims as to it’s accuracy. One should consult their own physician and do their own research. There are also a few side effects that should be considered. Note: Legal Disclaimer, Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.


Triple Filtered Carbonated Water, Organic Raw Ginger, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Mango Puree, Citric Acid, Plant-Based Enzyme

Love this stuff!!! Will be buying more and trying new flavors.
This beverage is soooooo good! It balances ginger and mango perfectly with light carbonation. It's great to have a tasty, healthy, and organic beverage without being very sweet and with no high fructose corn syrup.
It has the right amount of ginger and mango! It is not too sweet or carbonated. I love ginger and mango and this drink combines them perfectly!
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